Ramone Bad 2020

Ramon Eastmond has gone from playing cricket in Glebe Land, St George, to touring North America as an international entertainer by the name of Ramone Bad.

The former St George Primary and Lodge School student spent three years in Canada and is making a name for himself, but he has not forgotten his roots.

“My fondest memories are growing up and playing cricket, bicycle riding, listening to my father playing records and watching my brother playing instruments. I enjoy being able to just go to the beach. I love going to St John and spending time at the spring; it’s a spiritual thing for me. I get to meditate, reflect, and look at my life and where I need to go,” the artiste told Bajan Vibes in an exclusive interview.

The son of Margaret and Cameron Eastmond, Ramone said his biggest challenge when he decided to embark on a musical career was figuring out where to start.

In 2010, Ramone migrated to Canada where he resided for three years and continued writing, recording and performing. It was while living in Canada that his music was heard by a mutual friend of Black Tiger Music’s president, Warwrick Reid.        

In 2016, Ramone flew to the United States and began his relationship with Black Tiger Music which would later sign the artiste to a management contract. His first stop under Black Tiger’s management was the Street Exec’s Studio located in Atlanta, Georgia, where he recorded two tracks for renowned producer Chill Go Hard slated for release later this year.

Now this year, 2020, seems destined to be Ramone Bad’s best year in terms of producing music. On March 27, he released the single Death of Me, produced by Strat Carter, which is dedicated to his late grandfather who passed away suddenly.

“Life is short, go for your goals and try to achieve all you can before your time comes,” he said when asked about the significance of the track.

On May 1, Doing My Thang, a club-banger which was also produced by Strat Carter, was released. On June 26, the single Lion Heart, an inspirational track which encourages inner strength, and produced by Teransu Kuraaku is expected to be released.

Ramone, 33, said it is DMX’s style of music that has influenced him the most.

“I listened to DMX’s Flesh of My Flesh intro and album. PacBusta Rhymes and Biggie are all great hip hop legends who I listened to growing up, but it was DMX’s music that inspired me to write and want to pursue a career in hip hop.”

Ramone states emphatically that his goal is to have the entire world hearing his music.

For the international singer consistency is key, and that is the advice he would give to those with a dream who are reading his story.

“Be true to self. Never try to be someone you are not. For an artiste to be authentic, all the dots must connect. If you try to showcase a persona that is not you, eventually it will be seen as false. Never be afraid to show your Caribbean heritage. Embrace your dialect because people around the world like to hear our interpretation of things. America is great at being America, so don’t try to be American. Be you! People there want to hear us as we are. Never give up. If music is your passion, pursue it. Consistency is also key.”

Ramone admits that his liking for geography and astronomy might have seen him in a lab somewhere studying the stars, had he not pursued music. He likes the simple things in life.

“I like filming, photography, graphics, DJ’ing, basketball and anything to do with fitness. I like to visit Martin’s Bay. You can find me on a lounging beach chair, relaxing, watching the waves, drinking, listening to music and spending time with friends and family, especially my little girl.”

His daughter Alira, his family and loved ones are his priority. “Family matters to me most. My little girl, Alira is my world! People caring about each other also matters. I am tired of going to funerals because of people losing their lives over trivial things that could have been talked out. This is the time for families to come together and stop the hatred amongst themselves. Love too, matters to me!,” Ramone said. (IMC)

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