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Sound Vybz Radio

Music from around the world

Oldies But Goodies

The Older crowd will appreciate music from the 70's and the 80's that took the wave in those times and still have definite meanings for today's life.

Top Soca Artist

We select music to play every day meeting your musical needs.

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Bajan Soca

Seeing that we are a Bajan enforcers of music you can visit us for the latest and best music from Barbados every year.

Best Soca DJ's

Barbados has many DJ's that know how to keep the crowd going and give you memories no other can.

Trini Soca

Trinidad has a leading amount of Artist emerging and populating the Soca space.

Grenadian Soca

Selecting the best of Grenada in an everyday enviornment for promotional use from Sound Vybz Intl